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Angelromelyn GFX Shop

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Angelromelyn GFX Shop

Post by Angelromelyn on Sun Jun 23, 2013 11:41 am

Angelromelyn GFX Shop

In this section, you can request the ff: 


Format to Request:
Type of Work (Signature, Avatar,etc.):
Image URL:
Text Color: (Optional)
Animated: (Yes/No)
Additional Information: (Additional Information by the user, you can say here something you want with your request, like font styles, etc.)

Rules to be followed when requesting in the Graphic Shop:

You must have atleast 10 posts before you can make a request.
You must be at least 20 Days old in the Forum.
You MUST Provide proper format of request otherwise it will be ignored.
You MUST provide your desired render.
You MUST provide your desired text.
You MUST provide your desired subtext. (optional)
You can only request 1 Forum Gear per Month.
(Forum Gear contains 1 Signature, 1 Userbar and 1 Signature.)

-Every Request by the User, you'll be obliged to pay 100 Points if you request is an Animated and free if your request is just Plain.

*Payment is only applicable to a shop that 1 Month old in this forum.



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