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VIP Membership

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VIP Membership

Post by Angelromelyn on Sun Jun 23, 2013 11:36 am


Fairy Tail Forum has finally have an VIP Membership. When you became a VIP Member you will have:

Get Personal Mascot

Get 5000 Points once you purchase for 1 Year and 2 years

Get VIP Membership Banner

Prices for VIP Membership

1 Month Subscription - 5000 Coins
2 Months Subscription - 6500 Coins
3 Months Subscription - 7000 Coins
5 Months Subscription - 10000 Coins
7 Months Subscription - 13000 Coins
9 Months Subscription - 15000 Coins
1 Year Subscription - 35000 Coins
2 Year Subscription - 50000 Coins


Q: Who can possibly have the rights to access the VIP?
A: Everybody.

Q: Can i send Private Message with Trolling, Flamming and Trashtalk Message?
A: Sadly, YOU CAN'T, do not message your fellow VIP Member with such thing like that.

Q: Can i post random topics?
A: YES, as long as it is not SPAMMING.

Q: Can i beg for Coins?
A: NO, Seriously you don't need to beg as you can earn coins by posting, contributing downloads and helping members.

Q: Can i encourage my friend to access this VIP?
A: YES, but we're not forcing you. 

Any Question regarding this thread? You may post here...

:info:Once again think twice before buying VIP Membership 

 :goodluck:Good Luck to all people who will purchase VIP Membership



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